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Chisang Khola A Small Hydropower Project

Proposed Chisang Khola A Small Hydropower Project, located in Morang district of Koshi Zone, is a run-of-river type project. The project has been designed to generate 1800 kW power using water from Chisang Khola.

The project site is accessible by about 12 km of fair-weather motorable road from Letang Bazaar to Pitlumba nearby headworks site. About 2 km of access road construction is necessary to connect headworks site from Pitlumba. About 3 km alignment is proposed from headworks to powerhouse which again needs access road. The access road to the construction site is ready.

The annual energy generation capacity of the project is 10.32 GWh. The power generated from this project will be connected to the National grid near the Letang bazaar. The length of proposed transmission line is about 5000m.

The project alignment passes mostly through stable cultivated terraces except at a very short reaches where the alignment passes through steep rock slopes. The alignment provides suitable geological conditions and at the same time nullifies the necessity of felling down of trees. The project needs to occupy about 5 Ropani of private land in total & it is done already.

The design discharge for the proposed project is taken as 1.37m3/s. The gross head is 170m and the net head under full flow conditions is 153.23 m. The project will run on its full capacity for about five months.

Conveyance of water from intake up to the desalting basin will be through a connecting canal of size 1.5m wide and 1m deep with 125m length. After the descanting basin, headrace pipe of 0.80m diameter and 2760m length will convey the design discharge towards the Forebay. Finally steel penstock pipe of 190mm diameter and thickness varying from 8 to 10 mm shall convey water up to the proposed powerhouse.

Two units of Pelton turbine, each of 900 kW capacities, shall be installed inside the powerhouse. The plants will generate 1800 kW power during full flow conditions. Net energy generation from this project will be 10.32 million units per annum.

The energy generated from this project shall be sold to Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). The price of energy is kept at NRs. 8.40 for the dry months (Poush-Chaitra) and NRs. 4.80 for remaining months which are considered as wet months, based on the NEA's rates for buying electricity from independent power producers for the fiscal year 2060/61. The annual increment of the price afterwards will be revised based on the consumer price index of Nepal Rastra Bank.

The project will minimize cutting soil, rocks and plants during the construction period. The project will plant trees to maintain greenery in the project site.

The construction period of the project has been kept at 24 months from the date of (PPA) made with the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).